Whorelords 2.1 was released for Patrons

whorelords of draenor ver 2.1 for patrons on patreon

Congratulate everyone!

Thanks for support of our Patrons, the new version of Whorelords of Draenor 2.1 was released:

  • - A giant epic quest the Call of C'Thun (60 pictures)
  • - Basic Sylvanas Voice Acting for XXX scenes (full VA is expected in 2.2)
  • - A lot of unique 2D animations (Added 9 of 30, I'm going to add the rest in 2.2)
  • - 9 new levels in high quality (like Elf Breeding Farm and Temple of C'Thun).
  • - 15 new quest lines and a lot of new characters.
  • - The new enemy: Tauren and 3D animation (1 of 3, wait for 2.2).
  • - Advanced 2D animations in special scenes, points of view and cheat modes (VIP Version Only).
  • - and much more like annoying pets, reworked lights, new super hardcore book e.t.c.

You can GET INSTANT ACCESS and Download Whorelords 2.1 on Patreon right now!


2 Responses to “Whorelords 2.1 was released for Patrons

  • May I ask a question? I just tried the game for a few minutes, and I would like to know something. On the intro you show animated 3D h-scenes, but when Sylvanas is dreaming the CGs are still. So this game features animated 3D scenes, or that was only the presentation or the 3D is only for patreons, and if it is the last, what tier is necessary?

    • Thanks for good question. The game has 3D CGs events (about +100 in 2.1), on-defeat 3D animations like those you have seen on the intro, 2D animations (+ full sized 2D scenes for VIP tier) and a lot of hardcore porn stories (hidden in the game). Merry Christmas!

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