Whorelords of Draenor: Demo

Version 2.4.6 Stable Demo.  RTP included. Updated 2018-02-13.

whorelords of draenor demo 2.4.6 - zuleyka games

Fetishes: r*pe, monsters, be*sts, corruption, humiliation, gangbang, deepthroat, DP, bukkake, maids, slaves

We’ve had in the full version for Patrons:

    • 170 3D renders in adult scenes
    • 40 porn stories
    • 40 2D animations
    • 13 3D “Bad End” videos with sound
    • 27 unique characters
    • 25 zones made by parallax mapping
    • voice acting & sounds for XXX events

      About 1/4 of the content is in the Demo.

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Features & Updates:

Whorelords 2.4.6

The Whorelords of Draenor 2.4.6 Demo was released:

  • The bug with missing ME files has been fixed in the Tirisfal Crypt zone
  • New Sylvana’s Dialogs added & minor text content updates
  • Some monsters have more powerful magic resists (depends on the magic school), but other kind of enemys has more physical resist.

Whorelords 2.4.5

The Whorelords of Draenor 2.4.5 Demo was released:

  •   Major Bugfixing. A lot of bugs are dead now! (critical errors, video sizing etc)
  •   Old levels reworked, new dialogs and mechanic of Prison A level.
  •   Almost all content is watermark-free and 100% XXX uncensored.
  •   New WASD bindings, now you can use WASD or keyboard arrows in mini games.
  •   New mini-game mechanic with random arrows
Whorelords 2.0.3

          The Whorelords of Draenor 2.0.3  was released


  • All texts in the game edited and corrected (thanks a lot for help Chrisroxxx & Wyrda)
  • New Marauder on-lose animation added


  • New Sex Battle System (fully updated battles engine, sex attacks/defends and new 3D erotic stuff)
  • All the levels in the game are redrawn in Parallax Mapping (extra speed and nice look)
  • Optimized game engine and enemies AI algorithms (x3 more game speed compared to 1.2.1, up to 60fps + very smart orcs =)
  • Full mouse support in battle, skills menu, world and the XXX gallery and reworked GUI
  • Updated training levels – New mechanics: the lattice stops enemies – New stealth Matrix effect (sneaking speed increased)


  • Updated HD model of the main character (so far, only in battle)
  • New character, the girl-orc trainer (can teach you naked, if is defeated)
  • New XXX events: (hardcore anal in the Intro and DP gangr*pe in last levels)
  • New quests: Orcs Alcoholics Anonymous, Stealth Trainer, Death of Rabbits, Sexual Revolution and Call of C’Thun
  • New locations: Pool, Alchemy Lab and the Undead windpass
  • New weapons system
  • New disenchanter & vendor npc
  • New marauder “you lose” XXX animation
  • New abilities, potions, herbs, npc and much more 😉

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42 Responses to “Download

  • The game is so nice

  • Please Keep Developing The Game Its Intersting Ps Offbeatr Is Closed DOwn Permanently Best Bet for Crowd Funding Is PATREON

    It aloud YOu To get Supporters WYHo Pleage MOney yo YOur Project With eather a ONe off Payment supoeert That You set up WAre the person Pays one time Or YOu could Set it to Ware A Person Who Pleages Pleages in Eather Mothly Pleage Payments You need to RESAD THe Sites FAQ FOr Creators/Developers SIde to Herlp ytou set things up

    PS Yes POrn Is alowd On Paterton Probided That YOu Put in the Discription That the Game Is a ADult GAme iree !8+ Or what ever Adult Rateing System YOur Part Of the World Uses to Rate adult content

    • thanks for the advice. I really thought to transfer the financing of the project on patreon . I hope for your support . Then the game will be awesome .

  • Uhm…REALLY noob question: at the last test in the guide map…no matter what i do, the teleports don’t work, any idea why? O.o

    • NVM, found out i had to use the mouse to activate teleports

    • Yeah, just use the mouse. In the new version you can activate it by keys. Have fun 🙂

  • version 1.2 released

    – 2 new levels added
    – the archive size is reduced (680 Mb ==> 350 Mb)
    – updated GUI, new cool font added
    – updated video format, more compatibility with standard codecs

  • Just tried to “play”, but:

    “Unable to find file:


    (tested on win7 – 64bit)

    Anyway many thanks for your work.

  • I Have an issue with launching the game. When i try to play the game it gives me an error that it couldnt find “graphics/lights/light”. I believe i have all RTPs installed. Any idea what might be failing? By the way im really glad you didnt quit making this game since its one of my fav rpg maker games.

  • Pretty sure the older versions you could actually see some sex with the main char and orcs but now you cant see any…whats up with that?

  • Whorelords 1.2.1 updated
    -Fixed bug with saving. Now you can save in slot 1.
    Download links updated.

  • I have downloaded the zip file… to run it??

  • What program do i open the zip file with?

  • hi
    have problems with the new demo version .

    if I want to start the game always comes the message RGSS player no longer functions .

    i use windows 10 .

    is there a fix

  • i have the Game.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close .
    and i have test it what show the youtube video but its not working by me .

  • downloaded the RTP, the game refuses to play and instead freezes on videoes. I’ve been trouble shooting since the 2.0 releases. I just can’t figure out what’s differnt that makes it not function anymore.

  • The only thing I can think of is the initial RPG Maker VX Ace I got is japanese, that shouldn’t matter though. I downloaded and extracted the RTP ran the install and dragged over the files to my RPG Maker VX Ace file. The screen is still black with an unbordered window I’m guessing the initial setup is supposed to be fullscreen like all other versions before 2.0 and for some odd reason It’s not displaying that way.

    I even booted up 1.2.2 w/o adjusting anything on my computer and it displayed and played normally (all be it I had to windows key in and out for video’s to play, but it’s always done that). I find it concerning no one else has reported such issues. I’ve tried what you suggested on the other page it didn’t work so I then found out about this RTP. kind of frustrated at this point, I wish I could figure out what’s missing or what makes 2.0 versions different from 1.0 versions.

    I want to check out your game, but the universe just seems against me on this one.

  • How do you open save files from the loading screen it keeps on appearing nothing and i have to restart all over again

  • Still troubleshooting, re-ran RPG maker install, but installed to C: instead of D: partition, to see if that was causing an issue with the RTP still no results or idea what the issue is.

    • fixed it RPG maker was set to open in fullscreen from the get go (F1 menu option). I booted 2.0.3 back up and it fixed it. Good game. I can’t find the exit to the orc dungeon. Is that where it ends? I thought I read something in the notes about a new area.

  • This link should be posted here with the demo download link; had to do a bit of research since the demo was requesting it:

  • Good news! Right now I’m working on new location: Orcish Arena, new fucktoys (draenei) and new monsters (kobolds, gnolls), I’m going to release new version 2.4 next month. So it will be soon

  • It wont launch please help

  • Please send game it looks SaF

  • Very good game!I want to play it as soon as possible.

  • I get a crash in 2.4.5 when I pick up the pink “magic wand”. The window that pops up says “Unable to find file: Audio/ME/Item”. How do I fix this?

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