Quality Rewards
15$ РCommon  You get a finished copy of the game once finaly released on any platform. Plus, you will receive common in-game Porncraft stories, pictures and videos.
25$ – Uncommon Early access to game, at around 3-5 weeks before it is released to all. You also get +50 pages Uncommon Edition Comic, featuring a prologue story “Whorelords: Gangbang Invasion” in Ultra HD quality PDF.
45$ – Rare Get access to rare playable Beta versions of the game as they become availble during production. Access to a pre-release development website where I’ll be running polls and taking input into the development of the early game.
70$ – Epic Access to the “Whorelords: Epic Edition” build at release that will allow you to start heroine with bonus items and potentially more potent sexual skills. And get the epic 3D comic “Jaina Proudmoore vs Hell Dragon”.
100$ – Legendary Includes lifetime access to a legendary VIP member zone of after the game finaly released. VIP zone contains exclusive World of Porncraft 3D video, comics and pictures related to the game.
150$- Artifact Includes early lifetime access to a VIP member zone during pre-release development, and as an extra thank-you special artifact – comic “Jaina and Lesbian Orcs” in Ultra HD quality PDF.
200$ – VIP Common Your name will appear in the credits. You will gain exclusive access to “Whorelords: VIP Edition” build items, pictures and videos in the game that will only ever be available to you.
300$ – VIP Uncommon Get the exclusive Extremely Big Tits Sylvanas skin to use as main heroine model instead of standard skin. And VIP comic “Unwanted Guests 2 – Jaina and Ogre” in Ultra HD.
450$ – VIP Rare Have a NPC character based on your erotic ideas or fetishes appear in the game and be allowed to make your own sidequest.
700$ – VIP Epic You get to work closely with me to create one 3D illustrated quest together which will then appear in the game for all to enjoy. Get the VIP 70 pages epic 3D comic “Tyrande in Trouble” in Ultra HD quality PDF.
1000$ – VIP Legendary You can design Legendary Enemy Monster (from Warcraft universe) for the game. And we will do according to your scenario, Three Animation mating this horrible monster with the Sylvanas as you wish.
3000$ – VIP Artifact You can create your own level of the dungeon and even Super Artifact. We populate the dungeon by lustful monsters as you wish. Make up to six videos of Sylvanas breeding and create NPC, quests of your choice.
5000$ – Final Battle: Boss Under your leadership, we will create the Final Battle of the Whorelords of Draenor. Sylvanas Whorerunner vs the Main Villain-Boss of the game and his terrible minions. Of course with a lot of horny videos of your choice in the battle.

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