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Whorelords project on Offbeatr

  Day ago we launched Whorelords project on Offbeatr. The first results encouraging, we have already collected 5% of the vote. Help Orc Whorelords to conquer the Azeroth and hardcore fuck beautiful heroines of World of Warcraft!  

Whorelords The First Achievement

Demo updated v1.1: Achievements!

We’ve updated the Whorelords demo version. Added achievement system and additional sounds. For example, if the orcs caught and fucked heroine, you will get a special achievement. Now the game is super stable, more epic and more sexy. Play it! Whorelords: The First Achievement Added achievements Added new sounds and voices Fixed minor bugs Sperm splattered Sylvana’s avatar

Whorelords of Draenor Talents

Talent System

Improved Whorelords: Whorelords of Draenor talent system. Now the heroine will be able to explore the powerful new talents. What really helps her battle with the insidious and lustful monsters. Or does not help, then nothing could save Sylvanas Whorerunner from monster’s terrible cocks. Whorelords Demo: Talents In the demo you can use only three talents (Tir 1): […]

Whorelords: Epic Game Trailer

Finally, we made the trailer! Sylvanas epic “Fails and Fuck” in extremely action-packed video. You can  either look online or download the trailer. https://whorelords.com/video/whorelords-trailer-1080p.mp4 0 views Right-click or ctrl-click on this link to download The trailer in the highest quality 1080p embedded in a ZIP of the  game Whorelords of Draenor. You can find it: Whorelords […]

Stealth action: Line of sight system

World of Porncraft updates – the Line of Sign

Tirisfal Graveyard Whorelords

Whorelords: The First Alpha game Demo

Whorelords of Draenor: Demo Today we have finished the first Alpha Demo version of the game. Three new locations, quests and partially professions are available. Download: Whorelords demo

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