Talent System

Improved Whorelords: Whorelords of Draenor talent system. Now the heroine will be able to explore the powerful new talents. What really helps her battle with the insidious and lustful monsters. Or does not help, then nothing could save Sylvanas Whorerunner from monster’s terrible cocks.

Whorelords of Draenor Talents

Whorelords Demo: Talents

In the demo you can use only three talents (Tir 1):
Survival of the Damned – Passive: Sylvanas gains +15% health
Black Arrow – Curses an enemy to deal  damage based on Purity, inflicting periodic shadow damage, 5% of enemy health over 3-10 turns
Wrath of the Queen – Passive: Increases the damage of physical attack by 10%

In the final version of the game will probably be very different talents.
But whatever talents like to see in the game are you? Write in the comments, dear gamers…

2 thoughts on “Talent System

  1. In this picture I see the placeholder abilities show a picture of a naked pregnant woman. With pregnancy being a popular fetish to some people, do you plan on having pregnancy as a possible game mechanic or would players only see it in good/bad endings?

    1. Advanced pregnancy is possible on the vote of the patrons!

      would players only see it in good/bad endings

      Is pregnant heroine as variant of a bad ending?! This option is also likely…

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