Whorelords 2.5 is released for Patrons

Whorelords 2.5 for Patrons


Changelog 2.5
– added 2 XXX BDSM & Futa events +70 new pics + 3D animations
– added +22 new 2D animations in the Arena
– the Arena is opened now. Breed elves & monsters and make money!
– new quest lines of the Rebels. Get ne slaves for the Arena
– you can recruit all draenei girls Ishanah, Iridi, Yrel and even Tyrande now
– new items and cool armors in stores, prepare yourself!
– balanced all prices, added new money system
– all enemy dialogs reworked and pre-battle engine improved
– fixed bug with “bust” error if enemies have catched you with opened dialog
– speed and vision of those annoying rats was slightly nerfed in starting zone Tirisfal
– all enemies get their own grave after death (RIP), so you can see the place of next spawn now

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