Whorelords 3.1 Final Release was completed

Hey folks!

Gratz us!

We’ve finished the 3 years development.

So you’ll get a plenty hot stuff in the Whorelords 3.1 Final:

Red Sonja gets banged by goblins
Whorelords the Goblin Rebellion

Whorelords: Final Battle for the Throne!

  • 350 3D renders & voice acting in XXX scenes
  • 70 unique World of Porncraft stories
  • 40 2D animations
  • 17 sounded 3D “Bad End” videos
  • 33 unique characters
  • 30 original HQ zones made by parallax mapping
  • 7-10 hours of super lewd gameplay

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One thought on “Whorelords 3.1 Final Release was completed

  1. Some of these quests I just can’t figure out….
    Jail Break: find and activate the switch…. just can’t find it
    Call of C’Thun: virgin night elf, in Department and going to Prison B, cant get pass the orcs to the other side. Gone back and forth through many other areas trying to find a way in to the other side of Prison B

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