The Whorelords 2.4.7 is ready to play!

Dear gamers!
The Orcs of Iron Dicks Horde told me to release the Whorelords 2.4.7 on Patreon. They would like to have a fun with Sylvanas, before major 2.5 update where time will come for murlocs, troggs, ghouls and other ugly and lewd creatures on the Arena. So I did it. 
You can try yourself in fighting with two new powerful Orcs: Champion and Master in the Camp zone, check the Hole – new escape mechanic that level and the secret service SI:7 is starting their game this update…
 You’ll get much more improved GUI and you can set the difficult of mini-games in the Menu now. 
Changelog Whorelords 2.4.7 
  • New powerful enemies: Orc Champion and Orc Master
  • +6 new XXX Bad Ending videos
  • New XXX books added on all maps
  • Added: The 1st episode of SI:7 Whorechief Quest
  • The Camp are patrolled by elite orcs now 
  • New gameplay mechanic “the Hole” (check it out in the Camp zone) 
  • Fixed: Teleport to the demo level after Sylavanas banging in the Lab
  • Minor bugfixing: the Angel choice
  • Improved: Alarm Timer Numbers GUI
  • Now you can set the difficult of mini-games in the Menu – Options 
Great news! The Whorelords 2.4.6 is available for +10 lvl patrons!
Would you like to know more & get fresh XXX renders? 

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