Whorelords 2.4.6 is released

whorelords 2.4.6 by Zuleyka Games


We’ve just finished new release of the Whorelords of Draenor 2.4.6.

Changelog 2.4.6:

– Major Bugfixing. +10 bugs are dead now! (critical errors, video resizing etc) So the game is stable now. Enjoy the gameplay!

–  Old levels reworked, new dialogs and mechanic of Prison A level.

–  New WASD bindings, now you can use WASD or keyboard arrows in mini games.

–  New mini-game mechanic with random arrows

–  New Sylvana’s Dialogs added & minor text content updates

–  Some monsters have more powerful magic resists (depends on the magic school), but other kind of enemys has more physical resist.

Pre release is available for just 10$!

You can try the Whorelords 2.4.6 demo here:

P.S. Ahhh! Bugfixing is done! We’re getting one step closer towards big content update of  Whorelords 2.5 … Stay Tuned!


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