Whorelords: Battle Fuck System – New monster skills

Notes: Regarding the Whorelords: Combat Fuck System v0.1:

I think should help the monsters win arrogant heroines, invading monster’s home …

I have plans to make the system of usefull skills for monsters.

For Example:

RIP Clothes – Monster claws tearing clothes and heroine fights naked with weakened stats.

[NEW] Cock Choke – Heroine getting gagged by moster’s cock until she cant breathe.

Sex Trap – a monster trap throws the heroine. If she is not released for some time, the monster calling friends and gangbang her.

Cumshot in the Eye – monster quickly masturbating and ends in the heroine’s face, blinding her.

Fuckality! – Final finishing of weakened heroine and hardcore fucking girl.

Call the Dragon – Finish Her! Action such as:



How do you like these abilities for the villains?

What tricks will help them in the battle with strong heroines?

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