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Whorelords 2.7 has been released on Patreon!

Great news! We’ve finished PreFinal the Whorelords of Draenor 2.7. You can save a lot of little pretty goblins-terrorists and maybe even help them to taste a virginity of the most greatest maiden-warriors – Red Sonja the Barbarian!

Whorelords 2.5.1 is out on Patreon!

I’ve a special reward for +10 backers, updated 2.5.1 release with a new double penetration videos and Call of C’Thun event rework.  You can get the Whorelords 2.5.1 just on the level +10!   Changelog 2.5.1  added 2 “Bad End” videos with a orcish Double Penetration fixed “the Cum Pie is blocked” bug in the […]

Whorelords 2.6 adult game

Whorelords 2.6 released for Patrons

  Dear Patrons and all! It was hard as Hell! But we did it! There’re a lot of lustful goblins, naive heroines and even a goblin enema engineering… So enjoy a true goblin hardcore in the Whorelords 2.6!   Changelog 2.6 new event the Goblin Rebellion is avalible (+63 XXX pictures) added a new level: […]

Whorelords 2.5 for Patrons

Whorelords 2.5 is released for Patrons

  Changelog 2.5 – added 2 XXX BDSM & Futa events +70 new pics + 3D animations – added +22 new 2D animations in the Arena – the Arena is opened now. Breed elves & monsters and make money! – new quest lines of the Rebels. Get ne slaves for the Arena – you can […]

50 Shades of Orc – BDSM Event with Strict Domina

Do you know what is BDSM? Are you dreaming about Strict Elven Mistress? We’ve Great News for all who likes pain & good punishment! Be happy! You’ll meet the true Domina in the 2.5 release soon! And be sure… bad lustful orcs will be well punished!

The Whorelords 2.4.7 is ready to play!

Dear gamers!   The Orcs of Iron Dicks Horde told me to release the Whorelords 2.4.7 on Patreon. They would like to have a fun with Sylvanas, before major 2.5 update where time will come for murlocs, troggs, ghouls and other ugly and lewd creatures on the Arena. So I did it.  You can try […]

Zuleyka is modeling Sylvanas [Behind the 3D Porn]

Do you like sexy heroines with Huge 3D Tits, guys? I’m hard working on the Big Sylvanas Boobs for next Whorelords release in my Lab right now. I’m working even faster then Chuck Norris and Nyan Cat… So you can watch about half-hour of my Sylvanas (World of Warcraft) modeling work in just 7 minutes. […]

Whorelords 2.4.6 is released

  We’ve just finished new release of the Whorelords of Draenor 2.4.6. Changelog 2.4.6: – Major Bugfixing. +10 bugs are dead now! (critical errors, video resizing etc) So the game is stable now. Enjoy the gameplay! –  Old levels reworked, new dialogs and mechanic of Prison A level. –  New WASD bindings, now you can […]

whorelords demo 2.4.5

Whorelords 2.4.5 Demo will be send on your email!

  I’ve just finished fresh Public Demo 2.4.5. Gratz me all! – Major Bugfixing. A lot of bugs are dead now! (critical errors, video sizing etc) –  Old levels reworked, new dialogs and mechanic of Prison A level. –  Almost all content is watermark-free and 100% XXX uncensored. –  New WASD bindings, now you can […]

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