The Arena – New Zone for Sex Fighting

arena whorelords

The Arena is a new, super large Zone for Gladiator Fighting and Breeding.

The orcs just finished building the Arena for a new Sex Fighting Season.

So you can try yourself or your sexy teammates in Sex Battle, but if you’ll  lost prepare yourself for really hardcore banging with the most disgusting creatures of Whorelords: smelly kobolds, terrible gnolls, stupid murlocs,  fearsome ghouls and troggs e.t.c.

The Arena is unique Fight & Sex Zone …

You don’t like to take risks, but would like to make a good money!?

Just use your draenei or elven teammates as gladiators for the Arena and bet on them, if they will have lost and gangr*ped by ugly monsters, no one will be worried, vice versa orcs watchers have a lot of fun…

So prepare yourself for the Sex Arena in the Whorelords 2.4!




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