The Whorelords 2.4 is released for Patrons!

whorelords_2_4 released
This epic update, the Whorelords for Patrons 2.4 is available for :
+20 lvl Backers  get Latest Version for Testers 
(that’s new level for beta testing now)  
+50 VIP Patrons  get 2.4 VIP Edition (they got it all 😉
+10 lvl will get tuned 2.4 just after first beta-testing will be finished (and 2.5 released next month). 

Changelog 2.4:
 + created 5 cool zones (Bordello, Arena, Swamp, Camp, Secret Cave)
+ added a lot of hardcore XXX scenes and 2D animations
+ updated in-game stories: +40 really well written and uniqe stuff
(a lot of extremly hardcore non-con)
+ legendary updates done for Talents System, 
you have +15 new skills for fighting with lustful creatures…
+ added 4 sexy draenei and elf characters 
+ now you can add teammates with own skills in you party
+ or sold your allys as sex slaves or worg’s fuck-meat …for good money, sure 😉
+ added about +20 new quest lines
+ all in-game rewards updated, now you can choice: gold, exp or loot quest rewards
+ do you have more higher level? You’ll get more gold and more superior loot from chests  too…
+ reworked GUI 
(shop, battle, options)
+ fixed almost all bugs, so super stable gameplay 😉
and much more for my dear patrons!
Merry Christmas and Best Erotic Wishes in New Year!

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