Whorelords 2.0 public demo


The Whorelords of Draenor 2.0.2 public demo available for download!

Download latest demo

I would welcome any feedback and comments!

12 thoughts on “Whorelords 2.0 public demo

  1. There’s a bug I think in the eastern part of undeadwind pass next to the entrance to the pool.
    When I interact with the “shield” there I get a picture of the resistance girl with the following dialogue: “I’m so sexy! Test Test!” and the option of choosing yes or no. Selecting Yes does nothing and selecting No triggers the orc chef scene and nothing else.
    In addition I was not able to find the temple of c’thun but I guess it might be linked to the abovementioned issue.

    1. Thanks for your feedback.
      If there is all the bugs that have been found, that is cool!

      1. Shield is only available in Debug mode, it simply does not have time to remove when testing the game.
      2. Temple of C’Thun (and Rebel’s Lair too) simply is not built as a level, there will be a crowd of very perverse sects, but only in the next version of the game (and is only possible for patrons).

  2. The game freezes whenever a movie is supposed to play. Am I supposed to add files from previous versions put in the files, or does my computer need to be set to a certain aspect ratio? I literally have to skip the intro and never die in order to play. Do-able, but kind of missing a part of the point of the game. It also blacks out my screen except for the game and there is no discernible difference from window or fullscreen mode (which shows no window and blacks out my monitor). It glitches a bit as if adjusting between modes when i click fullscreen or screen adjust. I’m running on windows 7. Not sure what’s different with this version of the game, but if you have any ideas you got a good game from what I’ve seen previously and I’d love to check out what you’ve added.

      1. I’m using RPG maker VX ace. It was installed 3 years ago but has worked till now. Is there a newer version the game is running on?

    1. Thanks for good question. I’m working on new location: Arena, draenei and new monsters, I’m going to release new version 2.4 next month. So it will be soon 🙂

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