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Talents System is finished [2.4]

Great news, guys! It was hard. I used powerful Dark Magic and we have just finished Skills & Talents System. So now you’re not like a rape-meat and have a lot of opportunities (about +20 great skills) for epic fighting with lustful monsters in the game. I hope to release Whorelords 2.4 for my dear […]

Bugfix for Whorelords 2.4 completed

Great news! My dear Patrons, our hardworking kobolds just finished major bugfix for the Whorelords 2.4 release. Fixed: – “Game_Character 122” critical bug, super annoying, but now all fixed – “Hidden wall” bug when you move by keyboard arrows on large levels – Ctrl and F12 critical errors – Menu – Options window is tuned […]

The Arena – New Zone for Sex Fighting

The Arena is a new, super large Zone for Gladiator Fighting and Breeding. The orcs just finished building the Arena for a new Sex Fighting Season. So you can try yourself or your sexy teammates in Sex Battle, but if you’ll  lost prepare yourself for really hardcore banging with the most disgusting creatures of Whorelords: […]

Bordello whorelords level game

New zone: The Bordello in the Whorelords 2.4

Tired of fighting the orcs? Have a rest in Bordello! There are most selective elves and human females for every taste! You haven’t money?! Don’t worry adventurer! Just try to sell to sex slavery your teammates and you’ll get a lot of gold coins for pleasures!

NEW: The Swamp – Crossroads

We have just finished new Swamp level for the game. It’s crossroads to a lot of zones:  Arena, Bordello, Farm and new location Camp… The Great Old One: C’Thun likes this place and have settled down in the center of bog pool. Be careful with swamp monsters “Eyes of C’Thun”. If they will see you, […]

NEW: Secret Cave! [Whorelords 2.4 is coming]

Dear Gamers! We had a long break, because issues with 2D artist, I’m sorry for that, but now we are going to give a pleasure to our patrons by new hardcore adventures … I have just finished 3 of 5 new cool locations for Whorelords 2.4 release this month. One of them is the Secret […]

Whorelords 2.0 public demo

The Whorelords of Draenor 2.0.2 public demo available for download! Download latest demo I would welcome any feedback and comments!

2.0 updates: Weapons, Vendors and Disenchanters

Traders came into the game. Sales cool, useful and deadly tricks! Great discounts! Finally I managed to make a weapons system like WoW. New deadly weapons to help you in the fight against lewd orcs! Gnome disenchanters are now ready to open any magic surprises and closed chests. At additional expense of course. I hope you […]

Protected: Poll for Patrons: Whorelords 2.1 development

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Whorelords 2.0 will be available soon

Hi guys! Work on 2.0 will end soon. What awaits us in September: – New Sex Battle System (fully updated battles engine, FX and new 3D erotic stuff) – All the levels in the game is redrawn in Parallax Mapping (speed and nice)

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